I’m a planner in everything I do except writing. I know, pretty funny, right? With a business, two kids, my own goals if I don’t plan things don’t happen. This planning gene really kicked in after I had kids. I stopped being fun with a hard stop. It wasn’t a luxury I was afforded anymore if life was going to run smoothly.

Flash forward to now, needless to say, things have changed. I’m floating on a sea of uncertainty like everyone else. We already worked remotely so our business hasn’t changed that much, but everything else has. Even though we also already home schooled before this our days have changed. With no after school activities we have a lot of time to kill so we’re spreading out the learning these days.

And today (Wednesday), one of my joy days where I get to ride is gone, because my barn is closed. I know f’ off Mia you and your horse, but I say it not to brag but because he brings me joy and like my dogs and fish and other animals I love him and I don’t know when I get to see him again. If I could I’d have him here.

On top of that, like much of the nation I can’t find toilet paper anywhere. If this doesn’t change soon we’re going to be plucking leaves off trees soon. Sexy image there huh? Stop with the hoarding jerks. That in itself is unsettling, in a nation of plenty not being able to find basics.

As I mentioned earlier this week I have anxiety and it flares at very random times. Lately I’ve been in a state of deep breathes and reminding myself to think calm. It hasn’t been easy.

If you’re like me and this sea of confusion we’re all floating on is getting to be too much, just know you’re not alone. The biggest thing that is helping me is committing to elevating my heart rate a couple of times a day. I know it sounds new age yuppy but blood pumping hard through your veins is a prescriptive sure fire way to even your mood and give you calm.

That and staying the f’ off SM and the 24hr alarmist new cycle. For now, less is more when it comes to that. Stay strong.

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