This pandemic has been an exercise in the rule followers and rule breakers. It’s funny and not funny at all, all at the same time. My youngest is a rule breaker. This child will follow the rules if they think the rules make sense otherwise you can take your rules and…politely go away. My oldest doesn’t bend or break any rule.

In our house it is me and my youngest on one side of this issue and my SO and oldest on the other. (Which is where the comedy comes from when I get annoyed with my youngest breaking my rules.) It’s an age old argument, why should I follow the rules? I didn’t make them and they don’t make sense to me. And on the other side, follow the rules because they exists because experience has taught us this is the best way.

That we seem so equally divided with how we personally apply these quarantine rules is proof of our instinctual nature to err on one side or the other of rule following. Fact is, we don’t know what we’re dealing with here so we should follow the rules or guidelines of the learned experts, our lives and our loved ones’ lives are at stake and there is no price tag for that. Fact is also, whether we want to hear it or not, the economist make a good point that wrecking the economy for what barely amounts to a statistical anomaly with regard to other threats is reckless and dangerous. What to do?

That is why we see so many thumbing their noses at this. The story seems like a bad movie playing out on TV. Only this movie is releasing huge amounts of fiscal worry, hurt and harm while at the same time lurking with true physical malice to us and our loved ones if we try to ignore it and live so that we can eat and pay bills. No Hollywood writer has this kind of creative chops. The virus has us all beat.

I err on the side that I’d rather see more live than die. Maybe my wishes are purely selfish, my child has asthma and this rule breaker mom has taken the quarantine pretty seriously because of it. Perhaps I also feel if we chose to look at this as a mathematical problem we also are choosing to tuck away our basic humanity. That said how many are scared and broke and confused why they can’t go to work to keep their families stable.

Unfortunately it all hinges on a group of people (regardless of what side of the fence you sit on) who are motivated by the pettiest and most selfish motivators around, themselves and their reelection. It’s embarrassing to watch and if not for the fact that they have the endless spigot of the taxpaying worker at their beck and call this company would have gone down in flames long ago. Political rant over.

My thoughts are follow the rules. Maybe if we do this is over sooner but we all have to accept that they may have to make the hard decision to weigh the bad and good of resuming normal life.

And hopefully the next time we watch a show like this it’s on the movie screen with popcorn and cherry coke.

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