Stir Crazy

How’s it going? This quarantine old yet? Yep, me too. I hope you’re getting out as much as possible and raising your heat rate often however you want to do so – points for being creative. I hope you’re not alone but if you are know there are resources for you to talk to people and not feel disconnected. Use them.

I’ve cleaned out every closet. I’m still heavy into rewriting my upcoming novel. And I’m waiting like everyone to get the go ahead to live my life normally again, whatever that will mean when the time comes. It’s boring and resetting all at the same time. I wish I was doing it in some serene mountain world with long views and cool air and peaceful calm or maybe on a glistening beach with strong rays bouncing off crystal waters as I dig my toes into a private beach (because enough of public beach gathering kids, get your asses inside). Never fear, I’m doing neither, no glamorous quarantine over here.

But I’m sending good vibes out to the world and hope that soon we’ll all be living our best lives again. Take a deep breath. We really are in this together.

Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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