I guess we’re on Week 1 of the quarantine and let me tell you I’m already done. Luckily I love my garden and riding is something I can do alone. I’ve taken alot of walks and we’re going paddle boarding today. But having no extra curricular for kids who already spend a lot of time at home due to homeschooling has us all climbing the wall.

I’ve been binging DIY/home makeover shows. My current renovator crush is the Home Town couple. I heart them so much and if they turn out to be a disappointment I’ll be crushed. But I’ll be honest I’m feeling pretty confident in them. I’ve watched enough of their shows that I now feel I could renovate a house. My SO suggested I take a nap instead. Lol, my SO is wildly supportive of my crazy ideas but they’ve also gone down the Rabbit hole with me before. They are probably right I should just nap.

Well, I have been meaning to do something about the dead garden right outside my kitchen window. Nothing grows there due to the relentless sun, well nothing grows there except aloe. Maybe I’ll do some hard labor and get it cleaned up and plant some vegetables or berries, but I know this much, that aloe is staying.

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