I don’t like being smothered. This speaks to my introverted nature and the fact that I’m probably an undiagnosed loner. I don’t mind being alone and people have disappointed me enough that many times I’d rather be alone. This whole Corona virus quarantine is working fine for me and many others that I see and know on SM.

Many people need the hum of others around them, the noise, the interaction. It provides comfort and necessary human interaction. Still other people need others around for the validation and ego stroke that helps keep them motivated and moving forward. And there are any variation of people in-between with regard to their social needs. All of it is ok. It is a lovely reminder that the world is made up of so many different but compatible types.

It’s hard to say why I am the way I am. Much of it is behavioral and a decent amount is environmental. I will say my watchful, reserved nature has made me a natural at certain things in life and writing is one of them. An old boss said that I was ‘wise’ that I see the world in a way that was at once bitterly real and also poetically beautiful. He had a way with words.

Some inherent traits can’t ever be changed but we can ease some things that allow us to interact in the world in a way that doesn’t feel like a punishment. The main goal of venturing out of comfort zones or striving toward positive change is to be true to ourselves. We can be introverted and still social. We can be loners and still smile at a passing stranger. We can be many things all at the same time. We can’t only try to mold and fit in but to rise and shine. The two are very different and the line between them is very thin. Walk it carefully.

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