I’m basically in a rewrite of my historical romance fiction idea. I always get antsy and want to my latest works out to the world, sometimes before they are ready. I know having discipline and patience is going to do wonders for this story, any story, but the waiting is hard the hard part. At first when I realized how much needed to change to make the story flow I wanted to scrap it because I already have other ideas floating in my head. I didn’t though.

This isn’t the first time things started strong and faded. As I’ve mentioned before, I have those few stories where the gods came together and everything fell together like magic. When this happens it’s easy to want all of my story ideas to follow the same path, but the truth is most of them haven’t. Those magic stories are the easy stories. The others, I’m realizing, are where I prove that I really am a writer, that most ideas don’t always come together seamlessly, that most take alot of work from first draft to final draft.

Of course there is a parallel for this metaphor to real life. I’m a different me than I was last year than I was five years ago. I’m not even sure who I was ten years ago. All of these past me’s were good, I think, but I am unquestionably the best me right now. All of this has taken putting aside ego and admitting I need work, constant work.

What never ceases to amaze me is the parallel between all things in life. No matter what, we have to go at it 110% throwing our full body into the effort and accepting criticism and guidance, without compromising relationships or health. Doing so it is inevitable that positive changes will pursue.

Well back to the rewrite.

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