A Slow Walk By The River

If you’ve noticed Sundays are a quick hi and then a check out again to enjoy the last of my weekend. Things took a turn Friday when my SO came back from Vegas under the weather and I fell ill shortly after. Because my SO had been to Seattle and then Vegas we called to see if we should be tested. The answer was no we aren’t presenting some of the more worrisome symptoms and even with the travel we’re not in a high risk group. So we’re sheltering in place as they say hoping things stay mild like they are now.

In all, our conversation with the health official was informative, calming but not dismissive. It was great. The process hasn’t been perfect and leadership has consistently acted more like my youngest child than a responsible leader causing a full loss of faith in any process, but have patience. Things aren’t awful and many qualified professionals are giving it their all. With some minor inconveniences, that our neighborhood children are celebrating with the glee of Christmas, we’re all going to be ok. Let them focus on the ones that really need testing and help.

In the meantime I’m going through a major rewrite. Spring Break got cancelled for us so once we’re safe again we may find some adventures to go on. All in all, things could be way worse.

I hope wherever you are you are calm on your Sunday and that in the calmness you are appreciating the slow tick of time maybe through a conversation with family over a meal or an activity out of doors or sitting quietly on a porch in the presence of someone meaningful. Above all else, I hope you and yours are healthy.

Everything else can wait until later. See you tomorrow.

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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