My anarchist and I are doing battle right now. We homeschool and they sit right across from me to do their school work because if they are out of view they will do nothing all day. Even across from me I have to train myself to look up every few minutes to nudge them. I just nudged and they just snapped at me and I snapped back.

I get that they hate doing the repetitive work that ingrains ideas in our heads so that they are instinctive. Still it’s important, it helps new learning go faster when you don’t have to use your fingers to figure out what 9+5 is. Mind you this child is doing HS Algebra 2 but this child wants the action, the action of new ideas and the excitement of the brain trying to understand new ideas. Repetitive learning is for circus animals in their opinion.

I sound like a bad version of the Peanuts teacher and this child long ago tuned me out. The truth is a lot of understanding the exciting things comes by way of mastering the repetitive things. A boring fact of life. Another fact, pick your battles. This kid fights every battle to the death and loses many of them. Save your energy and find focus for the real battles. The ones that will matter the most in the long run.

I tell you this in the hopes that you might listen because lord knows my kid won’t.

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