I’m working with an editor for the first time. Apparently, I like adverbs. 🙂 I know sometimes it makes for lazy writing so I am cleaning up most of them. The other thing I’m doing *gasp* is putting together a rough outline. Don’t worry pansters I’m not totally abandoning you but it is helping.

Here’s the thing I am a panster and adverbs work great with my genre. On the other hand, I am trying to evolve and that means tightening the style wrench. Also sometimes I have great ideas that peter out and that’s what happened with this story. My three best, in my opinion, are Laughing Through My Tears (where I played with 1st/present for the first time ever), Waiting for the End (where everything just fired on all cylinders) and Falling Slowly (where I played with multiple POVs). For whatever reason those stories flowed out of me like water from the River Nile.

Two of them – 2 Shorts and Nightswimming – came out of the gate strong and then faded. I was able to regroup, organize and get them to a place that I really like. The others in my portfolio (and let me say I love all my story babies) are diamonds in the rough. I know they need some work but I’m not displeased.

The one I’m working on now is Impromptu, a historical romance. Like all of us, I got re-energized by this theme and decided to write one myself. As it goes with me, I always have a weird take on ideas so it has evolved from Regency to historical romance to slightly Gothic. Here’s the thing, Impromptu went the road of some of my start strong and fade ideas. Then I enlisted an editor and with notes and after a few cracks across the adverb knuckles I see a path forward and this one I think will be my best. It will be the best organized as well as one of my best technical writings.

It’s not cheap and that alone is a huge barrier to entry for many but be creative. Many people will barter. Look for a skill you can trade and try to enlist some professional help. And if a pro is out of reach, maybe go to the local university and post an add for an English/writing student who may just be looking for experience in editing for a future editing career.

Be inventive people are more flexible than you think. It’s worth the effort.

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