The Point Spread

As everyone who’s seen a tweet or two of mine knows I joined WW. I’ll preface by saying I’m only shooting for 20lbs. So it’s not a lot. Which is way worse if you must know.

When there is a long journey ahead, usually even small changes will garner early rewards. I’ve been at this for a month and a half and have fluctuated to a maximum loss of 4 lbs. I’ve essentially gone fully vegetarian other than a few meals a week. I’ve committed to exercising at least 30 minutes a day even on weekends when I usually give myself a break. My portion sizes are teeny. I’ve been hungry and tired and mean and with so little results I’m ready to quit.

I’m not an over eater. I’m not a late night eater. This is baby weight but since my oldest is double digits I’m going to have to find another term for it. I think I was complacent because it was only 20lbs. I thought when I got serious it would fly right off, like in the old days. Sorry Charlie. The more serious I get the more stubborn it is. Like sludge stuck to my hips it’s going nowhere.

I’m told to age gracefully. I’ll let you guess my thoughts on that. I’m told everything I’m doing is good for my health and that’s more important. Yeah. Right. Vanity is a powerful aphrodisiac and in a society that has done wonders to infiltrate the minds of its women with impossible standards I’m no martyr against such manipulations. I’m a full on participant.

But as I continue to step on the scale to no results, I may just have that damn cupcake after all.

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