My SO got off a plane from Seattle two Fridays ago, right before the poop hit the fan over there and we all found out that it was an epicenter of this breakout in the US. As consultants we’re kinda used to flying into the eye of the storm.

The less than funny irony is that I still have an unopened box of masks from the SARS outbreak, which my SO refused to wear. At the time my kids were pretty young and I remember joking that if my SO brought SARS into my home because they would not wear a mask on the plane they weren’t going to die of SARS. Anyway, we survived that outbreak, along with others.

What’s been disturbing is the disinformation. It’s not only disturbing, it’s dangerous. If they don’t want more chaos than has already happened they need to come clean. Half truths and idiot leadership is doing nothing to help fuel rational responses. Lay it on the line and let the rational ones of us help steady the boat. It’s the only way.

That or keep parsing out bad info and watch as things descend into anarchy, we always seem to be only a step away from that anyway.

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