Olly Olly Oxen Free

We didn’t have anything to do this weekend. What the what happened? The last time this happened I was unattached, city living and eating brunch after sleeping in and before an afternoon of shopping.

I did sleep in a little, chores took the place of shopping, Pixar and popcorn the place of brunch. All in all a pretty good weekend. We need more of them and yet we don’t get very many of them. I wish I could say we saw the light and things will change, we will make an effort to slow down, but I saw the schedule for next weekend and that’s the crazy talk of crazy people.

I’ll leave you there so I can go enjoy this last bit of chill time, watch some 60 minutes (did I mention I’m old), get to bed early. Because things get real again in the morning.

How did you unwind this weekend?

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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