Recently everyone in my town woke up to the rail company shutting down major through ways in order to fix the tracks that cut through our town. It had been a complaint for a long time among residents that the rails were uneven and needed fixing. Apparently the rail company was just doing what we asked. Ungrateful us were not happy with the surprise.

That morning was chaos in a bottle. Commuters were snaking through neighborhoods trying to figure out which streets were blocked and which weren’t. It was funny and not funny in equal proportions. People were PO’d and taking it out on each other. Not a great way to start a week and certainly left that icky feeling of bad behavior all over us.

Heads up is a courtesy call. It’s a warning that something is coming and you need to be on the lookout for that. It is rumored that the company did send an email to the mayor’s office the Friday before it was set to start the work, the ‘unvitation’ of warnings. Apparently, railway is considered private property and so they didn’t have to warn us at all.

Yet, a little warning could have gone a long way, maybe they might even have spent a cent more and extended the project an extra day so that they didn’t close off all of the cut throughs on the same day, a little consideration. That they ticked off my town isn’t great PR but it isn’t the end of the world for them either. We have no bearing on this company.

None of it seems a very human outlook for how to behave, and I wonder how we got to this point where storming through like a herd of cattle to accomplish our wants indifferent to our impact became our way of life. It might be time for a shift back. No more walking in a room and not saying good morning. Smile when you pass someone in the streets. Hold the door. Stop to help. I swear as a nation we will see a general cleansing of health if we do so.

And you know what they say – if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.

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