It’s a Process

I see alot about the writing process on the line. I’m more organized than I’ve ever been but I’m still not exactly organized. I don’t outline at all. I definitely don’t write in chapters. Outlining makes me twitch thinking about miserly English teachers docking me points for not having my indent the right amount of inches from the edge. The f’ does this have to do with writing? I guess I’m saying my dis-organizational ways with regard to writing are childhood rebellions still manifesting.

I think if I ever tried my hand at suspense or action I’d be more disciplined with outlining and chapters because those stories are about pace and page turning. I just don’t think I’ll ever write one of those. I like reading them occasionally, but then I’m a book whore I read everything. I’m trying my hand at some different stories but they are more fiction oriented and one is sci-fi/fantasy, disorganization is working out fine as I craft these tales.

The other thing I’m planning is to do a series for my historical romance fiction that I’m trying to finish. I’ve never done one before. I’ve often set up my past stories to lend to becoming a series but then something flashy catches my attention and I’m off to write on that instead of continuing on in the current saga. Then when I’m free again I never think to revisit those old stories with series potential. I’m trying to stop that butterfly brain and focus.

The big thing with me is the idea itches and I need to write it out. As I’m writing it often changes from what I thought it would be. Once I’ve got that first regurgitation on paper then I start thinking how do I tie this all together. That’s my next pass. Then I go in with the prose pen and start dolling up the wording and phrasing. Then it’s the boring editing, cutting out stuff that seemed so great in the writing that just doesn’t work anymore. Of course the non stop proof reading.

I will say if you’re not going to work with an editor, anytime you’re reading through your work and you see a silly error fix it, even if it will get cut later. Don’t wait thinking you’ll catch everything in a proofreading pass, you won’t, specifically if you don’t hire an outside professional. And as you read and reread your work you’ll become completely numb to any mistakes, especially the little typo kind. It won’t be perfect but it will be better.

I’ll try to note other thoughts I have on the writing process and jot them down, but for now that’s it.

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