Debate Team

I’ve been talking about sides and how there doesn’t seem to be much in between anymore. I thought well, Mia, opinions are great but what can be done about this? For my part I try very hard to hear the other side an argument. Even ones that infuriates me. My little Spanish mother and herContinue reading “Debate Team”

We Need A Hero

I was watching Sunday Morning this week and they did a piece on leaders, particularly leaders during pivotal times: Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt. It’s been – something (I’m struggling for the correct adjective) for watching our leaders in DC handle this crisis. Let’s throw some adjectives around – painful, shocking, flabbergasting, horrific, petulant, brattish, dense, unsympathetic,Continue reading “We Need A Hero”

How Do I Love Thee

Challenge: Write about 5 ways to win your heart This wasn’t the easiest for me because though I write romance I haven’t thought about it in a long time outside of from the context of my characters. My realist outlook is a result of the school of hard knocks and probably makes me more bitterContinue reading “How Do I Love Thee”


One of the cool things happening right now is the way performing artists are coming together to share their music or artistic talents online. Mo Willems teaching how to draw the beloved Pigeon was one of them. Those books were long time favorites in my house. Every Spring Cleaning blitz those books survive it becauseContinue reading “Musical”

Oh Well

This would have been the halfway mark for our family vacation this week. I cancelled everything almost a week and a half ago. Looking at the landscape which is taking on a scorched appearance this thought seems ridiculously tone deaf. Still, I wouldn’t have been writing like this had the trip materialized. I probably wouldContinue reading “Oh Well”


I’m a planner in everything I do except writing. I know, pretty funny, right? With a business, two kids, my own goals if I don’t plan things don’t happen. This planning gene really kicked in after I had kids. I stopped being fun with a hard stop. It wasn’t a luxury I was afforded anymoreContinue reading “Planning”


This pandemic has been an exercise in the rule followers and rule breakers. It’s funny and not funny at all, all at the same time. My youngest is a rule breaker. This child will follow the rules if they think the rules make sense otherwise you can take your rules and…politely go away. My oldestContinue reading “Rulebreaker”

Nervous Nelly

So I get anxiety attacks. They were a later in life development. In my youth, I was pretty reckless and invincible, kinda like those Spring Breakers we’re all watching on TV. Life threw some curve balls at me and one day I had to go for an MRI on my hip. I couldn’t do it.Continue reading “Nervous Nelly”

Stir Crazy

How’s it going? This quarantine old yet? Yep, me too. I hope you’re getting out as much as possible and raising your heat rate often however you want to do so – points for being creative. I hope you’re not alone but if you are know there are resources for you to talk to peopleContinue reading “Stir Crazy”