We all like to win. I remember during the Yankee heyday (Jeter/Rivera/Torres) when they hit a rough patch. Until then they had been the epitome of cool and calm but that year they struggled there were quite a few out lashes of anger and frustration, some poor sportsmanship on display. Hard not to think – ‘easier to win, huh, guys?’.

Certainly see it on SM. The outright picking of fights, the accidental fights, the dumb comments that in real life would get dissipated quickly (or not so quickly because our lack of patience and understanding seems to be translating to real life) but in the void become a symphony of irrational outrage. The one takeaway is that, whatever it is, it is fought to a bloody end and no one wins, not even the winner. I see it at work with people not wanting to take ownership of problems many times they created. I see it with my kids. God knows they don’t know how to let it go and GD it they are going to get the last word in if it kills them.

As a surface solution, I want to advocate against this, walk away, turn the cheek but I also don’t want to silence, or be the reason for silence, when there is a legitimate need to voice outrage. It’s a hard murky path to navigate.

I have found saying I’m sorry a little more often even if I don’t received a due ‘sorry’ back in return is ok. Maybe age or confidence born of age, but I’ll lose a round if it helps me win the war.

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