The jasmine is blooming outside my office window. I’m excited because I only planted it a year ago. Spring has hit early again this year. It’s going to be a long hard summer but I don’t want to think about that right now.

Right now I’m thinking about the roots that have taken hold, the time and care I have given to get to this moment where I will reap the benefit of perfumed air and delicate white flowers. Anything that has achieved a level of beauty whether pragmatic or romantic has done so through effort. Effort is the original four letter word and today’s markets tell us you can do very little and still be rewarded outrageously (SM stars anyone?) or so it seems.

Even when a reward seems empty it’s very likely that the person rewarded has worked very hard to that end. Athletes, stars (traditional or SM) others who seem to have found the ‘easy’ path all strive and work at their craft endlessly. This was a point that fell on the deaf ears of my children until I let them start a YouTube channel. One day my oldest complained to me, ‘like people are putting out something every hour.’ And I nodded wisely but silently, ‘welcome to reality kiddo’. Even if I fail to see the value of a lot of it, they are working their bottoms off to create content. Reward comes at high price or it really wouldn’t be much of a reward.

As I await the reward of my Spring garden which will be here and gone before I can blink, I’m also thinking about the renewed effort I’m putting into writing. It’s taking a toll. I’m tired but I’m reminded, every time I scratch out a second to think creatively, that my roots have gone deeper and the reward lies not far ahead.

Now to define what that reward is.

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