Fait Accompli

There is a fatalist reality to life right now. What’s most disturbing is the trend in the youngest of us. I had to take the Muay Thai class at night a few weeks ago and that class is owned by the under 25 demographic. I love these gals and guys. They are awesome and a fine reminder that generalizing anything is doing everything a great disservice. My faith in the future is bright and strong.

Except! Their fatalism. I mean I felt like maybe I might should drive right off a bridge when I left. Their outlook was so bleak for some things. They didn’t want kids because the world was ending. There was no chance for them to find work. And anyway it didn’t matter since we were all going to die by asteroid momentarily. I may have eaten a pint of Ben and Jerry’s that night having been given release by my young friends as I conveniently decided to momentarily agree with them to indulge my gluttonous last wishes. Maybe. I will or will not say.

I remember having an anarchistic streak at that young stage of my life and a general f’ you to the older generation and as an avid REM fan ‘End of the World As We Know It‘ was a favorite, I will not lie. I don’t remember feeling like the world was coming to an end. In fact, I had a very hopeful idea of prosperity and excitement and longevity. I was swimming in the hubris that greatness was just on the cusp of me and oh what the world would do when I unleashed it on them.

Hopefully this is only a more dramatic performance of my own at that age. The world has been ending for a long, long time. We were all supposed to be dead of acid rain by now. That’s not to say we don’t need to get our act together with regard to our gluttony, a little conservation couldn’t hurt and will mightily help the earth (sermon over!). But as George Carlin said the arrogance of us. The Earth’s been here a long time and it knows how to deal with pests.

We can do better, we should do better but maybe it’s not the end of the world just yet. Although I did hear it’s BOGO on Ben and Jerry’s this week at the local market.

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