How do you go about being creative? I feel once one creative avenue opens up a lattice of alleyways and forks and pointed sharp turns present themselves. In my experience, most creatives aren’t just one thing. That’s why you see the ‘triple threat’ in starland, the singer, dancer, actor.

Probably the one thing that holds us back as creatives is fear. I took a ton of photography classes in college, the kind where you had to develop actual, real film! I did this because I was going to be a photographer for National Geographic. I never achieved that goal, never even tried really. I studied a bunch of languages because I was going to go into the Foreign Service. Also a no go. I got so far in the Peace Corp app that they were starting to assign me when I quit the idea.

Are there regrets over these failings? A few. I wish I had seen through the Peace Corps idea. Still, many other things happened over my life as well. Things that were as amazing and as life building. The fact is you can’t chose every path presented. Back to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, (if you didn’t read it, I wrote a blog piece on this book here) he speaks of how life is a beach full of sand. Those of us who maintain our sanity (for lack of a better word) do so by taking the handfuls of sand that allow us to process life and forget about the rest of it. If we decide to change thinking we drop a handful and pick up another. It is when we try to grab for all of the sand that things go off the rail.

The moral here is don’t let fear drive your decisions creatively or even other ways in life but know you can’t take every path and every path has a consequence. Chose wisely but not tepidly.

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