Human Error

I use one of those tweet schedulers for things like blog posts and writing excerpts, vss, etc. Everything else is in real time. When I first started writing I had my post come out in the morning. Then I changed my mind and had them come out around lunchtime. The thinking was people would be ready for a bite sized morsel of life musing after a morning of work.

The other day I messed up and had the post tweet at 1:05 am instead of pm. Not a big deal just surprising to see it there when I got up in the morning. I make mistakes all the time. Sometimes I type too fast. Sometimes I don’t research enough. Sometimes I don’t read carefully enough. If it’s big enough I’ll make a mea culpa if not and all an apology will do is slow down the conversation I let it ride.

I made a mistake in a Twitter exchanged and a nice person DM’d me privately to let me know. They were probably worried the Twitter police would come down on me. It was a funny mistake, a silly conversation with a mis comment. I decided not to correct because SM needs to learn shit happens. Life is messy and people mess up way bigger than that little mistake. They also need to realize that more often than not it’s only a mistake even it’s a big mistake. Go easy. As the indomitable Madonna sang – I’m not your bitch don’t lay your shit on me.

The biggest thing we can do to advance humanity it appears is learn to say ‘hey, that’s wrong’, or ‘hey, that’s seriously offensive’ without launching an all out nuclear response even if the acknowledgment is tepid. It doesn’t mean give up or be meek. It means try a different route use different language.

I took a marketing class in college and at the time I thought it was the stupidest thing ever. I thought one particular lesson about language processing was really dumb. Say it. Say it again. Say it again with new words. Use hand motions. Did I really pay money for this? Now, I realize it was possibly the single reason to go to college. Everyone hears the world differently.

I have two kids and in certain circumstances one is so in tune and astute it is terrifying while the other couldn’t be denser. Then the scene will flip and so will their processing abilities. It’s wild how suddenly they swap roles. It isn’t crazy though they see the world through different lenses and so they process communication differently depending on the circumstances.

Engage a conversation of change. Do it with an open mind, a calm one ready for some push back. All of this screaming and ranting and piling on is as unhealthy as some of the vilest ideas and words in society. It is amazing what change can be accomplished when a dignified, open approach is taken.

It might be worth a try because it’s obvious the other way isn’t working at all either.

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