Subject Matter

If you’ve been reading, you know my youngest is an anarchist, also a genius, tested and certified. I’m not sure I’ll survive this child. I’m either helping to create the savior of the world or Lex Luther. I really don’ t know which one if I must be honest.

Punishments don’t work. Positive reinforcement doesn’t work. Nothing works. We’ve been upping the ante on their punishments. It’s gotten absurd and still no change in behavior. How to you stop someone from doing something? More to the point, how do you make someone do something? You really don’t.

I know this child will provide writing fodder, already has. I know because of this I should laugh at all of this and I do sometimes the maniacal half crazed laugh of a beaten parent. None of it feels so funny anymore and I’m not sure I won’t crack like an egg before I get to exercise my creative chops on this kid. When you are this close to a subject matter distance or time is necessary to give it the perspective and calm that is needed for good writing. I have neither of those right now on this subject matter.

So deep breaths. This too shall pass. Oh yes, I see the character cocky little rebel about to be taught a tough lesson. Here we go.

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