Where’s my Abacus?

As I write this I am in an all out fight with SAP. I need a SOW to be accepted. They have rejected it so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve tried to reach out to figure out what they want, what I’m doing wrong to no answer. So now I’m just f’ing with them. They reject I go right back in and resubmit. It’s the fun of a crazed beyotch I’m having right now.

Their system is confusing and user intimidating. The parallel between writing and this system are great if you can believe it. There are times when words should be hard, the meaning should require effort but for most day to day reading that is not the case. I’m not saying the writing should be bad but I am saying enjoying the experience turning off the overworked brain is sometimes a great thing. The beach read is no joke.

So when I see the not-so-veiled slings different genres take at each other I can’t help but smile a little. We’re all writing for entertainment, maybe our own most of all. And there’s not a thing wrong with that.

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