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My eldest recently got a smart phone. We held out on this for endless time, relentless complaining, heartless parent shaming before making this step. Most of their friends have these by second grade. I have opinions on this but that was this blog piece: https://miasotowrites.com/2019/11/29/black-friday/

We put the app Bark on their phone for their protection and our peace of mind. And from this moment WWIII has broken out. Oh the invasiveness, the lack of privacy, the moral outrage! How dare we.

Irony is we didn’t hide this fact like their friend’s parents do. And we don’t bully them and read their texts needlessly. The app doesn’t show us their texts only warns when its trolling finds something that could be of issue. It does a pretty good job at it. Then I strike up a conversation and usually we talk about what the app is warning us about and after a calm conversation, away they go still in possession of their device.

Recently in an act of rebellion they deleted the app and then also unhooked our WiFi controlling device. Now they are living life circa 1985, with no way to call home except a pay phone. Alas, there are no more of these. I’m laughing and crying believe me. It’s as big of a headache for me as them when I can’t get them or they can text me when they need pick up.

But I’m holding ground. Because this handy tool has caught some very disturbing discussions that we were able to head off and talk through. As I sit in Day 3 of the silent treatment I remind myself that it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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