I was driving back on a highway from somewhere recently and a song about airplanes came on, country song, if you’re wondering. The singer was singing about heartache but it triggered a memory for me.

My oldest was the eagle eye spotter of airplanes at one point in life. If a plane was in the sky they were going to see it and call it out for the rest of us. Sometimes if we couldn’t see it we would question whether a plane was really there until a few moments later when it floated by in the sky. We stopped questioning the accuracy of these spottings after awhile.

My child doesn’t do this anymore and I’m not sure exactly when it stopped, sometimes between elementary and teenagedom. The memory was pure bittersweet. Lately this child has been on a roll of making me proud. They are growing into the best of humans. It was touch and go there for awhile and it may be again as I’ve learned with this parenting roller coaster but right now I feel like Athena on this parenting thing, with this child.

All of this is funny because while the oldest is soaring the youngest is wading in the muck and dragging us all along for the miserable ride. It has been a trying time there. But I know one day I’m going to be driving down a highway listening to the radio and something will trigger a memory and this child and I be in a different place and the warm happy/sad that filled me over the airplane song will do the same then.

I need to wait it out, that’s all.

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