The Sun Will Come Out

I had a tough day the other day. Things happened. I was pretty unhappy with myself, my behavior and everything else. I did my stellar job of beating myself up for my part in the matter, the irony being the other party probably didn’t think twice about their behavior. I can’t focus on that, this is the Mia Project, so that has to be where I concern myself.

The next day I had a great day. I received news we had been waiting on and there was a general celebration. That evening, which conveniently coincided with Wine Wednesday, over a glass of Beaujolais, I thought about the word fleeting. Things are fleeting. Life is certainly fleeting. Sometimes hope and happiness and almost always sadness and despair are fleeting.

On the other side of this celebration I couldn’t see that. I went to bed after my hard day beaten down, feeling blue, and tired. The next day I went to bed in the exact opposite sentiment. Fleeting seems an appropriate definition of those two days.

As I double down on becoming a writer, I hope this focus and drive is not fleeting. I’ve had goals in the past and I’ve missed goals in the past. There is no reason to think this will be any different. Even if this is only fleeting, my push to become a writer, it has already done worlds to sharpen my writing, my focus and my interpersonal skills. And none of that is fleeting.

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