C’Mon Karen

I saw an online article about Millennial/GenZ jargon and I thought here is my chance. Chance at at what? Ché pas? To finally show my kids I’m not a dried up ancient relic let’s say, although I did get called ‘bro’ the other day. So there’s that. My kids are the Karen’s of their generation, so uncool, incapable of using jargon correctly. Anywho,

Here’s my shot as speaking as cool as I dress.

Extra, Periodt:

I use commas for distinction, clarity, and flow because I’m extra like that.  Periodt.


I think over-sized sweaters and fuzzy socks are seriously snatched

I’m pretty sure I did this one wrong.

Big Yikes, Wig:

They said I gained five pound and wig I was like ‘big yikes’!

Cap / No Cap, Fit, Fire, Bet:

No cap, I promise to come on Friday night with my fit, fire.  He looked at her with a raised eyebrow and said, ‘bet’. 

Flex, Go Off:

He was all flexing about his lepidopterist collection but he didn’t even have a purple spotted dingy-dipper.  Go off, I guess.

 (My Klepas fans will know what I’m talking about with this one.)


My leggings and fifteen year old t-shirt is a serios lewk.

Lit, LowKey, Highkey, Shade, Salty:  

My highkey RFP is lit but I’m all lowkey to my boss about it in case all it gets is shade from the client.  Don’t want her to be salty.

Haha, that’s like another language there. 


I slayed that DIY project when I used two different stains to make a shadowy design.


I was shook when I saw someone had eaten the last piece of chocolate. 


I first noticed this word during my GoT days and thought it was a formal way of stating fealty to a royal house.  Clearly, I need to research words I don’t know.  Moving on. 


I said girl just hit me with the tea because I can handle it if I have my friends.  And she said ‘tea’. 


I believe thirsty is the best description for me on SM. 

That was an exercise in sadness, a strange sadness that comes with the peace of knowing I’m old the crazy, old woman in fuzzy slippers and house robe watching everyone from the window with high-powered binoculars. It’s not a bad place to be. A’aight people that’s the 411, peace out.

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