Big Fish

Little pond. It feels like the big fish wins often leaving the rest of us scratching our heads. We run an IT firm and we are a little, if aggressive, fish. We are way better than the big fish that swims in our pond and that is not simply hubris. We’re good but we also work our butts off to be that good.

We have a solution for a particular form of functionality for the software we consult on. Our solution is smart, clean, cutting edge and often gets overlooked for the slow, expensive behemoth solution of the Big Fish. More often than is funny, we get patted on the head and told to step to the side as the big, lumbering fish plods by fat in their surety. They stroll in with a confidence born of lack of competition. They over charge, under deliver, muddle it up and then walk away fat and happy as smaller firms like us come in to clean up their mess. Happens all the time and it’s annoying.

I see it in publishing as well, things not getting published because of merit but because of reputation. Oprah, god bless her, I want to be her when I grow up, I sure as hell want her level of success, but I haven’t read one of her book recommendations in years*. They have all consistently been terrible so I’m gun shy now. What is worse is when the crowd tries to convince me that something mediocre is better than it is. It’s as if we are all so afraid of missing something or saying the truth for fear it might impact us some way that we hold our tongues and let ‘meh’ become the standard.

Let me argue that it’s time to stop that. We should not be aspiring to ‘meh’. Ever.

*Oprah Update – I’m reading her most recent recommendation and it’s living up to this opinion wholly. But that is another blog idea.*

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