4th and 10

The Supabowl was yesterday. I really didn’t care that much especially since my beloved Saints missed the mark again. We may need to stick Drew in a Cryogenic chamber soon but that’s another post.

It got me thinking about excellence. These are the best of the best in their field and, despite the many lounge chair quarterbacks, the people who make it to this level of a sport or anything are the standard bearers. Occasionally a talent might occur that goes unnoticed and un-revered but my guess is that is pretty unusual. Usually we spot the winners and reward accordingly.

The same can be said of publishing. I’m a guilty-as-charged armchair critic. I am also an avid reader and writer so I’m not totally without basis in my opinions on written works of art – as I am sure those armchair quarterbacks could also argue. Still, I have yet to prove to be talented enough to play among the big boys/girls. It’s a bitter pill to swallow that I can see where I lack in comparison to the ones who have made it to The Show. It isn’t that I’m untalented. It is that I am not quite as talented as most of those books on the NY Times Bestseller list.

I hope maybe to see my name up there. I know what separates them and athletes and other crazy successful people is their work ethic and the relentless pursuit of the their craft. That sort of dedication is a luxury that often comes at the cost of the things that matter more in life and so comes the equation, equilibrium, of the trade off, the balancing.

As of yet, I have been unwilling to make this trade off consistently enough to reach those lofty heights and I’m at an age where maybe I’m on my last down of trying. But as I write this the sun is breaking after days of clouds and my dogs are looking at me like, are we doing this?, and I’m shifting to stand up and walk away from my keyboard.

And that is the choice I’m making today. What choices have you had to make in life that steer you to or from your dreams?

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