A Visible Blessing

We can all agree that the Kobe Bryant story is awful. As a mother and wife, I can’t imagine figuring out what foot goes in front of the other after such a thing. It is especially hard knowing that like his wife, I would have to find a way to strive for my other child. Speculating on how I might do that is moot, utterly.

But we can all also agree that these otherworldly events that hit us time and again are really truth batons slapping against our heads. Wake up already! Life is hard, angry sometimes, trudging and boring often, and beautiful. It seems to take a relatable tragedy to snap us out of our ‘me funk’, into realizing we need a little more gratitude. We can be thankful if we are not hungry, sleep with a roof above, have our health. And we can be in the service of good when we know others don’t have these or other basic necessities, offering our help whether directly or through volunteer work.

These things fill a day. They uplift and give purpose. I love SM. Though I see a lot of the negative that others do, I also see so much good on SM. Still, it is a one way conversation. There are interactions but it’s hard to have a meaningful connection in a text style conversation. SM is for after a day at Habitat for Humanity or the local food kitchen or cleaning the landscape of litter to spread the good feeling, to let other know even if it isn’t much, there is still so much you can do and focusing more time outside of ourselves is always, always a good thing. Reaching out into the world to help opens our minds, fills our souls and reminds us we are the smallest part of a story and a story is only good if all the characters reach their arc.

This is how we write the story of life.

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