Up For The Challenge

Writing Challenge: Think of your favorite food. Try to make it sound as disgusting as possible. It covers my tongue in a heavy coat and there isn’t a liquid that can rinse away the cloying feel.  The reward of the cool is quickly lost to the tacky feel in my mouth.  Soon the fresh happinessContinue reading “Up For The Challenge”


We all like to win. I remember during the Yankee heyday (Jeter/Rivera/Torres) when they hit a rough patch. Until then they had been the epitome of cool and calm but that year they struggled there were quite a few out lashes of anger and frustration, some poor sportsmanship on display. Hard not to think –Continue reading “#winning”


The jasmine is blooming outside my office window. I’m excited because I only planted it a year ago. Spring has hit early again this year. It’s going to be a long hard summer but I don’t want to think about that right now. Right now I’m thinking about the roots that have taken hold, theContinue reading “Blooming”

Fait Accompli

There is a fatalist reality to life right now. What’s most disturbing is the trend in the youngest of us. I had to take the Muay Thai class at night a few weeks ago and that class is owned by the under 25 demographic. I love these gals and guys. They are awesome and aContinue reading “Fait Accompli”

Throw Me Something Mister

It’s that season again. It comes and goes, Mardi Gras. Kind of like Christmas it holds the warm nostalgia of yesteryear. Something about the way it was, the way it is now and I guess the way it will be. So much has changed. The pure cannibalism of it is so different from what IContinue reading “Throw Me Something Mister”


How do you go about being creative? I feel once one creative avenue opens up a lattice of alleyways and forks and pointed sharp turns present themselves. In my experience, most creatives aren’t just one thing. That’s why you see the ‘triple threat’ in starland, the singer, dancer, actor. Probably the one thing that holdsContinue reading “Creativity”

Sunday Funday

I’m glad its Sunday. I needed it. I’m tired right now. It looks like it will be a sunny day and with early Spring impending I’m going to enjoy the last of the nice days. It will be the dog days soon and that is no joke. My garden needs tending, literally and metaphysically. TodayContinue reading “Sunday Funday”

Weekend Challenge

I’m going to try to work through a challenge on Saturday’s for awhile. I’m in the middle of writing a short story which is going off the rails and trying to become a novella on me. This is par for the course. I lack the discipline to being a planner and this is one ofContinue reading “Weekend Challenge”

Human Error

I use one of those tweet schedulers for things like blog posts and writing excerpts, vss, etc. Everything else is in real time. When I first started writing I had my post come out in the morning. Then I changed my mind and had them come out around lunchtime. The thinking was people would beContinue reading “Human Error”

Nothing To See Here

It’s tough being a private person on SM. I’ve always been one to keep my cards close to my chest. As I type this, my head is in a fog maybe from exhaustion, certainly could be from oncoming sickness but I think right now my well is empty and that is resulting in the physicalContinue reading “Nothing To See Here”