I’ve blocked my first Twitter – The Writer Edition account. It seems a right of passage albeit a sad one. It is preemptive but I’m tailoring this experience to my benefit not theirs and these are the choices we get to make.

I’ve watched this account with increasing wary. I actually followed them for a short bit until their tweets started revealing their character and then I ran like Forest Gump. We have not interacted and I’d like to keep it that way. To abuse an over abused word this account is toxic.

They jump around picking fights, over/under interpreting words, ready to throw punches in the air. In between they post leading and predatory questions which are replied to with terrified angst by their cowed followers. They are dangerous and for some reason they keep popping up in my feed.

I feel for them because they are young and I know this not only because they’ve swung the ageism Morning Star with reckless abandon. I know it because it’s not hard to know. What I don’t know is what got them to this place of rage and spitefulness. I want to shake their parents hard for unleashing this on the rest of us but as a parent I know how difficult it is and children come out with their own personalities. We’re only guiding them and as someone with a trying child you only have so much energy. You can’t force someone to be something they aren’t, not even a child.

Either way the lesson here is you can tailor your experience. You can be preemptive and give yourself the freedom to relax and not feel constantly on guard. Aside from avoiding conversations designed to get a rise, avoid accounts of similar ilk. It may seem a little boring losing the adrenaline rush of fighting with an anonymous stranger but I promise having intellectually and supportive conversations with bibliophiles and writers can be just as exciting.

Trust me.

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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