The Honest Truth

We all ask for it but I’m not sure any of us really want it because as the saying goes ‘the truth hurts’. As writers we exist like sadomasochists begging to get taken down a notch at every turn, peer groups, beta readers, book reviews, Twitter. Yet we all agree we want the truth.

I’ve been on Twitter – The Writer Edition about seven months. It’s been a very positive experience but I don’t know that I see alot of truthful advice being handed around. Even in face to face life it’s hard to find those who are truly honest with you, tell it like it is. I don’t mean being hateful, that is not advice. That is hatefulness. I mean giving an honest opinion designed to help guide something, in this case a piece of written work, to the next level.

We don’t all have to be Faulkner to give critique. Most of us are avid readers. This is likely the reason we’re struggling to become noted authors, our love of words. Advice that sugar coats over glaring issues isn’t doing anyone any favors. So from me when someone asks for a read I will gladly do it but I will give advice both good and bad. For reviews, if the read is that lacking I won’t review otherwise I’ll try to give a 60/40 review. That’s my pledge.

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