I saw a quote recently that said ‘if I’m remembered as anything I want it to be as an overachiever’. We had a long talk with our youngest about this idea because as a child filled with even more potential than most it’s hard to watch their apathy. I’m not sure they took away the full message of this quote but I’ve come to realize with parenting that you must carry the bludgeoning stick always and be prepared to swing it as necessary.

I am active and I do a lot in a day but sometimes I’m not really an achiever. I’m more of a busy bee and that’s not always productive. This year I’m striving to focus my activity and be working toward success through over-achievement rather than just the noise of perpetual motion. This is not an easy goal. The three things I’m doing to make this happen is:

  1. Slow down and do less. I know this seems counter intuitive to the goal of overachieving but to me overachieving means establishing goals and focusing on realizing them. When I’m spread too thin, which is most of the time, I’m really only kicking up sand but not building any castles.
  2. Make a goal list. For me the list is: 1. publish my most recent WIP with an editor’s help 2. enter at least 3 writing contests in genre’s outside of romance 3. build up this blog and other marketing efforts
  3. Be more detail oriented whether at work or with my kids or even daily enjoyment. I often miss the details and it makes my memory imprecise and therefore my ability to tell a learned tale a little less. The story is in the details.

I’m off to a decent start with all of this. I won’t lie it is tiring in addition to the rest of my busy life but I know it’s worth it and that is what I keep in mind as I put one foot in front of the other.

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