Let’s make this a Twitter challenge here are the rules:

  1. Write a descriptive paragraph about your workspace – any genre
  2. Tweet it in a reply to this or put in the comment below
  3. No more than two threads per description please
  4. I promise to read them all and will pick my favorite

Mine is below:

Cluttered piles bathed in a golden sunlight splay across the worn wooden table as the keys to her keyboard click in the afternoon stillness.  The grooves of the hated table hold crumbs that have petrified having refused to sweep clean during regular efforts to that end.  Behind her the kitchen hums with the daily life of employees from her business and home schooled children all who should be working but aren’t. A stylish briefcase, a necessary and recent reward for having used the other until it frayed and fell apart, and her notebook sit among the disorder. With all of her technology, designed to keep her organized and moving forward, it is this simple notebook, gotten at a trade show, that is the bible of her life and without it she would be lost.  It holds the words of her organization and creativity and fact finding. After everything is said and done, for her it is about the words she has written down and the ones she is about to write down, and it always will be.

Ok your turn!

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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