First Liners

I’m not the biggest believer in the first line thinking, that thinking that says you have to hook them with the first words before that first period. In fact the only first liners I’ve ever remembered are a few of Dickens and John Irving because it’s really the last line and he writes that first. I always thought that was a cool premise of how he writes.

So today’s excercise write an opening line for different genres:


Worlds begin and end, existing under their peculiar languages of angles and solutions, where people and beings coincide on a path toward something intangible, knowing there is an opportunity for causatum, resolution, a chain of effect put in motion long before and to remain standing long after, and this world was no different.


Covered in a slick sheen of effort as the three thousand degree furnace blazed to his right, he could feel the dermchar that he wore to protect his skin, searing to his skin as he filled his trowel with the heavy pebbled slag, the shaped muscles of his arms twitching in exhaustion, an ache burning along the length of his spine.

Romance (Contemporary)

“That’s $10.23.” The impatient store attendant snapped waiting with a look of disdain as she counted through the last of her coins knowing she didn’t have enough but hoping through sorcery or mercy more might appear as she dug deep into her worn purse feeling the holes of time and usage but not money.


RING!  The loud ring of the old school phone jarred him from a deep sleep with a lurch of adrenaline as he blinked hard into the inky room that held the unearthly stillness of the middle of the night.

I like this exercise. Maybe I’ll expand on some of these ideas in a story. We’ll see. Until tomorrow.

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