Things flop. You can look to the movie industry to see how true this is. It happens all the time and often with the power and might of very deep pockets who have a vested interest in success.

We can ask why but at the end of the day it happens usually because of ego. Egos get in the way of good thinking and too many egos is a recipe for failure. I see it all the time at my work and around. SM is the quintessential validation of this. Everyone has an opinion and that opinion is the right one. I think we all know better than this however still the idea survives and often fuels senseless feuds between total strangers with no impact at all on each other’s lives. It’s crazy. Literally.

As writers, the main focus has to be avoiding the ego. Ego will only weigh your story, your voice, down. That’s why it’s nice to get positive reviews but I’m ok with the negative ones, as long as they aren’t just lashing out with nastiness. More often than not the positive review are sunshine and sparkles with the hope that, in return, you will send the same back. They aren’t always helpful. To get better we have to hear the criticism that hurts. If we’re open enough, this criticism will make us better.

Right after we eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and write down a few names in the Burn Book.

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