A Brief Glimpse

Today’s exercise was to write a moment. This one came pretty quickly to me for some reason. I didn’t struggle with it like I did with the dialogue challenge. Which means you’ll probably see me do the dialogue challenge a few times until I feel I can do it a little better. Writing description is probably something that comes pretty easily to most of us but none the less this was a good exercise. It forced me to turn on the engine and give it a rev.

And so – the write a moment challenge:

A subtle shade of yellow cast its shadow around the room as the day broke in waves of sunlight.  The usual drab grey at once a comfort and a drain was put aside for a small shift of sentiment to a happier place, a feeling that would be fleeting as all the members of the town knew from years of this sort of gilded façade, an eloquent fake out.  Her blackened eyes deep socketed with a soulful glare winced against the white light flooding the windows as she pulled the heavy brocaded curtain in a swirl of dust motes sparkling ornamentally against the unexpected day.  

With a growl she turned, her steps were heavy and uneven clopping toward the mint green paint glowing like a relic in the dark kitchen, forgotten, lost in time to the sleek updates of the en vogue.  Gnarled toes with yellowing nails clutched over the edges of worn down open toed slippers faded with dingy piping from years of use.  Tired and wheezing she sat down hard on the matching vinyl covered metal framed chair that had sat in its same spot for easily half a century.  The sound echoing through the room like a muted thud, a rock falling to earth, a heavy box falling off shelf in closed closet. 

Age stained hands, thick, with pointed short fingernails wiped her brow of the same unearthly soft skin speckled and dated.  The cat jumped up on the table to stare at her from across the way, hungry no doubt, anger written on the implacable stare of its grey and blue eyes.  Its tail twitched with staccato swipes as if winding itself into a right indignation at the cold abuse of having been made to wait for its morning meal.  The breath wheezed in and out her lungs in painful lurches, a grimace twisting her face, as she shielded against the distant glare of the light from the other room.  It was too much.  She pushed up with a woosh and the force of an object desperate to find motion before it lost all hope.  Ignoring the cat and its outraged hissed she clopped back along the path to the room and the heavy brocaded curtains and the stale smell of time to close the light off again.  It would have to wait for another day.

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