Cat Fight

I’m a Royal-o-phile. Is that a word? Royalist? I feel like I’ve heard that one before. I know this interest started with my mother who woke up at an ungodly hour to watch Diana marry Charles way back when.

Aside from the obvious fairy tale aspect, there is also the deep, rich, fascinating history of it all. Above all else I’m a history-o-phile. Is that a word? I read history books like my kids watch YouTube, obsessively. The internet has been a friend to my endless curiosity. Though, if you can believe this, not everything on the internet is accurate. Shocking! I know. Still, it’s a wealth of information.

So of course the sensational few years of the British Royals has brought them to the forefront more so than ever in a sweeping freshness. Adding a new face to anything is bound to shake things up and make things interesting for awhile. The bothersome thing here is the dynamic that is driving the soap opera.

This article from the Atlantic really sums it up nicely:

It sums up the unfounded math that has pitted all women against each other throughout history for nothing other than entertainment, the entertainment of the masses. I’d like to think in our male concentric cultures this dynamic is driven by the male sex. But unfortunately from what I can see and honestly what I’ve experienced in real life, women are as gleeful in tearing down one of their kind for nothing more than fluffy innuendo as anyone. And it’s never been more apparent than what is playing out with these two educated, bright, forward thinking women. It’s shameful the number of women I see reveling in the murky filth of dirt slinging.

I don’t know if this ever changes. In many ways, I feel this is the old Hobbs/Locke debate and SM has certainly done worlds to bolster the Hobbesian POV. But as a woman, I hope as we evolve, throttling toward the George Jetson world where I think many of us thought these primitive outlooks would have been kicked to the curbed and laughed at as unfortunate dictates of an uneducated past, we find ourselves on the other side, the right side, of this issue.

I don’ t know. But I do know I have two kids and I work tirelessly to teach them this shit needs to stop. Pronto. And that’s my small part in the dialogue.

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