Hemp There It Is

Recently my SO got me a bottle of CBD oil because sleep and I had a falling out a long time ago and insomnia has kicked my ass lately. CBD is supposed to help with that as well as the general aches I live with as a result of my lifestyle. I’m very active because I’m convinced it’s the only way to stay strong, healthy and focused.

For a long time I was fake active. I’d do some things but nothing too strenuous and call it a win. After a certain age I could feel my body locking up, getting comfortable with being static. Age was winning the war and so I stage a comeback. Hence the creaks and aches.

I know CBD oil is a little controversial so don’t judge me please. It works pretty well, at least as well as my melatonin and those times when I’ve had a string of 4 or more sleepless nights where I’ll take a ZQuil. I’m not sure it’s doing much for the aches. Maybe it’s something that has to build up in your system.

The funniest part of this is the taste. Holy University Memories! The first time I tasted it I cracked up and I was magically transported back none-of-your-business years to a cluttered dorm, with a bed perched dubiously on cinder blocks, incense burning (because that hides the scent – not!), a wet towel across the door and fifteen people lounged around this tiny closet space like it was the sixties. Memories like the corner of my mind.

I was never much of a recreational user. I didn’t love the feel of being in that state. But it doesn’t change the fact that I had some hysterical times laughing maniacally at things that were utterly unfunny and mundane with some of the best people I would know in life. This oil brings some of that back and so I guess that is also a welcomed side effect.

Thank goodness the munchies aren’t another side effect.

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