There’s lots of talk in the writing community about whether to self publish or wait for traditional. (I know the take is trad is much more sniff proof.) Or should a writer even care if they’ve never been seen and never will be? Should they keep writing? Or if you had your choice would you get movie rights or rights to every language?

Writing is hard and at the moment I’m stuck. I’m working with an editor for the first time and she has my current WIP. I said I would take this time to write short stories. FYI for anyone who doesn’t know, this is hands down the best way to improve writing. Whether you chose a POV or a genre or a mandated word count or if you set other literary goals/limitations that you can’t stray from, this short burst discipline writing will make the longer marathon hauls better.

I’ve found it has even created some of my next novel ideas. Regardless of the benefits, I’m not doing any of it. I’m getting these blogs out and I have a few work articles I have to write but other than that my creative well is dry. I’m not worried this has happened before and I suspect I’m waiting on my siren to call again. I just hope she rings soon because I really want to double down on this writing thing.

Anyway back to the existential realities of writing, those questions from earlier. The fact is most of us won’t became successful enough to live on our writing. We may dream of Rowling and King size success but as we try to duck the bludgeon of the truth stick we have to know the odds. So all of those questions or convenient prejudices against certain tactics writers take (ie self pub) they are just deflectors to the real questions.

Maybe the question needs to be do you do this because it matters? Does it matter whether your story gets told? And even if no one notices now, if say in a hundred years, they do notice and they study you and celebrate you, was it worth it? Did you get it off your chest? Did you do it to the best of your ability? Did you strive to do it better and better every time you put pen to paper? After everything was said and done, did you leave it all out on the field?

Did you?

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2 thoughts on “Storyboard

  1. Well, JK Rowling… It took years for her to publish 1st part of ‘Harry’, next years to earn her fortune on this series. I think she was following that specific inner feeling, we should be the same 🙂 The better content the more storms on Author’s way.

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