Data Manipulation

Ahh, the algorithm. It’s kinda fun, one of my favorite WTF SM moments. I don’t know what the ‘algorithm’ is but goddamn it has a reputation and it’s not a good one. I wonder if it’s like that Emporer’s New Clothes thing?

We’re all bemoaning the algorithm but really all the engineers at Twitter are sitting around laughing at us knowing there’s no algorithm. Or maybe there is but they have a hired gang of seven year olds who change the metrics so often it would be like the lottery if you figured it out. I don’t know but I get a kick out of it because if anyone is screaming into the void its me.

I don’t mind though. I’ve said before it’s free therapy and sometimes I get to say something meaningful. I get to put out into the world advice that I wish I had read at a certain age. Sometimes I’m sure I’m just regurgitating tired truisms. That’s the beauty of the scroll, move on, nothing to see here.

I’m trying to take SM as I feel it was intended but along the way strayed from the intentions. I try to be genuine, kind and open. I automate my blog tweets and maybe one or two others but for the most part if I’m tweeting I’m present. Sometimes my tweeting is manic because of this. I may be in the car waiting on a child from activity or taking a break between tasks or chilling on a Saturday with a glass of wine (my most dangerous tweeting times). Then I’m gone forgetting I may actually get the coveted engagement. I may throw out an idea and then disappear for a few. Have patience I will respond. You know if you reply ’cause that’d be great if you did.

The big thing I think is to connect and do so in an open giving way and you will win the algorithm. However bad SM can be I do think the intent was to bring together a meeting of the minds but it’s up to us to elevate the conversation. All of those things are key to being seen and seeing.

On that note, I think I’m going to change my blog post time from 11am to 1pm. Writers are like coders, late risers. I don’t schedule internal meetings before 11am around here and even that’s early. It’s the human algorithm.

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