My youngest is trying to recreate Flappy Birds. I’ve mentioned it before that this child sits right at prodigy level. Unlike everyone else in hyped up suburbia we’ve never had them tested. When someone is like this you don’t need to. That’s the irony.

Every child in my near reach is ‘gifted’. There’s a huge difference between true giftedness and a really bright child with a horse jockey parent duo. I started to run the horse jockey gifted race with my oldest until I realized how destructive it was to their true gifts. No they aren’t gifted but they are crazy bright, really creative and truthfully going to find success much easier than my other child who is gifted. This is true because they (the older child) acclimates so well to others and to jumping through the mundane hoops as is sometimes called for. But this conversation will be a whole book of essays so let’s put it to the side to steep for a bit.

Back to Flappy Birds. Did you know that it’s gone, can’t be found in the stores anymore? Did you also know that the creator took it down because he was distraught over what he saw as its addictive nature and overuse? Rumor had it that at the peak of its popularity it made $50K…a month in advertising. A month! People sold their phones with it downloaded on them for Christie’s auction level prices because you couldn’t get it anymore. Can you imagine this ever happening again?

Can you imagine some of the top grossing apps having a crisis of conscience like this? When you think about the laughable claim that the Kardashian app was grossing $1 Billion (spoiler: it was never, ever, even marginally close to that amount) and them saying “no, no this isn’t right people are spending money they don’t have to enrich me and wasting their lives playing our mindless game. We should stop this.” The absurdity of this thought has put a smile on my face while I type.

Intention is a big word these days as is influencer. One of my favorite blurbs on influencers is the one below. (Look a link – I do it sometimes!)

He’s got a point. He’s not the first to say it and I’ve heard it many times over. The question is as we aspire in this new SM world of marketing what is our intention as we influence? And can we all agree it matters how we achieve and at what cost we achieve? Because it does, it really does.

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