Not At All

I work at home and it’s the time of year when our weather turns to open the window weather. Once or twice in this season it might be too cool but otherwise my windows are open. I can always hear the kids in the neighbor yard swimming in their pool – no matter what the climate is outside. Those kids and their friends enjoy the hell out of that thing, daily, regardless of weather, regardless of anything.

I can say with near certainty this is the only house in our country or possibly the world that made the right decision in taking on the expense and headache of a backyard pool. There are pools in the backyards of most of my block and I hear them used so rarely it’s a pure shame. It’s hard to miss a pool in use, especially by children, the loud joyful shrieks, the inevitable Marco Polo games, the sloppy splashes.

All of the other pools on my block and for that matter that I’ve seen the world over whether it is a static suburban setting or a sprawling estate, the pool is a decor feature. It is there to impress the onlooker growing more and more obscure and decadent the level of the home that it resides within. Which brings me to gratitude.

I doubt these kids run in everyday and shout thanks out to their parents for having this pool and keeping it nicely so that they can swim in it at a whim. They don’t have to because as the saying goes actions speak louder than words. It doesn’t take much to be thankful and sometime it doesn’t take words. It is in the actions that we can show how much something means to us. Although a well placed ‘hey thank you’ is never out of style.

We’re getting ready to do some renovations on our house to fix some things we didn’t get quite right when we built. These are 1st world problems to say the least but it will be nice to get them fixed since we plan to stay. It’s easy to look around (especially in our Instagram world) and feel jealous or bitter, disregard how much I have. Sometimes I feel like we work like pack mules and we’re still only so far compared to others that don’t seem to do much of anything. I get testy that my life isn’t more glamorous then I realize maybe it’s not as unglamorous as it seems so STFU Mia.

Be thankful. Thankful that hard work has provided a very nice life. Good health has persevered for me and my family. That today I’ll write a little aspiring to a goal that may never embrace me like I have it, writing that is. It’s a luxury not to worry about some of the things many in the world have to worry about.

Luxury, which originally meant lust, but that’s for a whole other post.

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