Something New

I want to write something different. I can’t say it won’t have a romantic tone because I’m a sucker for the human element. But something outside of the genre so to speak.

I’ve tried before and actually won a short story contest (years and years ago) for a suspense piece. A year or maybe more ago I read the book Spinning Silver. I loved it. I bought it on a whim. I was between books, not writing anything and looking for some entertainment. I know what I loved most was the terrific storytelling and the ultimately human (and yes romantic) story.

One of my favorite screen writers is Charlie Kaufman. I honestly can’t think of one movie of his that I don’t love. I love the weird sci fi realities that are always, always, heavily wrapped in human emotion and very often love. With his stories, it always seems to boil down to the fact that love can fix just about anything if we let it. Real love, not the destructive and damaging thing many of us have come to define as love. No matter the hardships or confusions that we all like to seep in, love is there and if we can rise above some of the crap life has thrown at us it can douse us in its warm comfort. The biggest part to that is being at a place in life, in your mind, where you can accept the love that’s being offered.

I’m planning to chronicle this journey to write something outside of my comfort zone. Look for ideas and chapters to drop as blog pieces as I go. I’m hoping it motivates me and keeps me from giving up when I don’t like the growing pains of trying something new.

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