30 Day Habit

Well I made it 30 days writing a blog piece. I’m really at 41. I meant to write this at post 31 but this is me. It’s been an interesting journey. I started strong, faded, have wanted to ditch the idea but I’m still going.

It’s a time effort, sometimes, oft times, time I don’t have. It’s a creativity effort to think of new blog posts. It’s also a creativity suck I think because I’m not writing anything else. That may be because my current WIP is finished with regard to its creative development and now I’m in the slog. Usually when this happens I don’t always have a new idea to execute on.

I’m trying to enter some writing contests and some of the word counts are pretty short but no ideas are hitting. I’m blaming the blog for sucking my creative thought juices, but that’s probably just the thief blaming the open window. I’m at a creative wall. My life is more overwhelming right now than usual and I’m struggling to commit to the writing.

That said this is where the blog is helping. The discipline to write something every day is going to push me and I’m going to use that thinking to start an idea. Whether I’m feeling it or not, I’m going to write something to enter into these contests, good or bad. Because just like the blog sometimes getting words up on the wall is the biggest most necessary step. The rest will follow.

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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