No Cake For You

Dieting, the quintessential New Years resolution. It’s a merciless cycle for most of us faced with this issue. We all exist at various levels of disquiet with our appearance. Even those wholly sure of themselves, there’s something telling in their blatant narcissism, some random bravado they are using to tackle the world with the approval of the world who agrees they are something beautiful to admire. 

I’m of the weight category that never had to worry about weight until after a certain point in life and certain of life’s activities (children). I wasn’t a size 0 but I also wasn’t plus size. Average that’s about the best word to sum me up. After a certain age I went from average to straight up carrying too much weight to where I am now. Where I am now is the mental struggle of going to have to be ok with where I’m at now. It’s not easy because, yes, given the damn work I put into not eating delicious things and being active I should be closer to my glory years and yet I’m not.

After the shell shock of no longer being able to skip a meal and drop 5lbs wore off I’ve had to work to get to where I am. And as noted, I’m still far from my glory years. Irony is I’d love to be back at that rose colored size but at the time I was never happy with the way I looked. It’s a cruel cycle.  I could blame the fashion industry because they certainly deserve a healthy serving of blame for all of our body dysmorphia. The fact is I’m old enough, intelligent enough and strong willed enough that the only person who deserves blame for giving the fashion industry any real estate in my very occupied brain is me.

The best thing to come from having to work for my weight is that I’m finally really healthy. I was always reasonably active but intermittently so. These days I’m genuinely active. I find whether I’m hard core exercising or just keeping busy with garden or housework I am able to maintain my weight better. On top of this comes the ‘glow’ of a good sweat and time spent moving in any direction. This healthier outlook shows in my skin and general mental health. Moving makes you happy however you do it. 

The moral of this story is, you’ll likely continue to see me write about the spectrum of women. What I don’t do is belabor the point that a woman looks like a woman and not the manufactured results of a multibillion dollar industry.

The other moral is however you chose to move, move. It does wonders for your mindset and creativity.

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