To The Point

The idea for this blog came from another blog I read daily, Seth Godin’s blog. His site says it’s one of the most popular in the world. I don’t doubt that. It’s bite sized and accessible. This is a good thing for busy people.

I also like that it tends to be business focused. I was shooting for that with mine but clearly I’m having a pot luck dinner right now. I’m justifying my all over the place entries with the expectation that eventually I’ll settle down and be more disciplined. Maybe not. My anarchistic kid does come by it honestly. I’m having fun spewing verbal diarrhea.

But I do like his format, relatively succinct and no pictures no noise. For a long time I hated blogs. They were long overwrought entries filled with picture after picture. I know they say pictures are good but trust me for a busy person just trying to get to the GD recipe, they aren’t. I was thrilled when blogs started adding links to the recipe at the bottom of the page so that I didn’t have to scroll through all of the words and pictures. In this case, less really is more.

As I evolve this blog I expect changes and hopefully that will be something that keeps readers on their toes and interested to see where I head to in that day’s entry. And maybe the occasional picture. So I guess I’ll wrap up because I just had a great idea for another entry…

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