Gloppy Goop

I received the first thing I’ve ever tried from Goop as a stocking stuffer.  It’s a detox bath and supposed to help relieve the stress we ladies keep in our necks and shoulders.  I tried it last night.  Since a hot bath is always relaxing for me I guess it was ok but it was no miraculous revelation.  On a side note, I take baths in the Japanese sense, showering first and then bathing.  So now you know that about me.

As I was soaking I started thinking about the polarizing effect Gwyneth Paltrow has on the world.  A lot of Goop advice is utter foolishness and sometimes borderline to straight up dangerous.  It swims in the in-exactitude of fake science that has been embraced by some of the most successful and sometimes educated of us.  It can be confusing why this group who would seem to have their shit together are promoting something akin to alchemy.  Still for the most part a lot of the advice and products pushed by Goop are nothing more than fun stupidity wrapped in an outrageous price tag.

So taking that and the general dislike Gwyneth’s personality seems to stir and it’s a recipe for that pre-judgement, no basis hate among women I was writing about a few days ago.  When I was living in NYC I remember I had a friend who ran with Gwyneth’s crowd. My friend had a friend who had gone to Spence with Gwyneth and the information this friend gave my friend was what she used to base her dislike of Gwyneth on.  Confused yet?  Good, ok, let’s keep going.  My friend didn’t know Gwyneth and after a few innocent questions from me it was obvious this friend of my friend was barely a passing acquaintance to Gwyneth and yet the friend didn’t like her and so my friend didn’t like her and if they had their way I wouldn’t like her. 

I don’t know if Gwyneth Paltrow is someone I’d like.  But since there’s nil to no chance of this ever becoming an issue I don’t care.  She strikes me as a polished, talented, hard working woman and unfortunately that seems to be enough to draw unfounded judgments on her.  And that’s a whole series of blog pieces to come, stay tuned.

I can’t jump on these bandwagons they’re exhausting and stupid and they go against everything I believe about feminism. But that said at $8 a bath for her salts I may be nearing the end of my aspirational bathing days.

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