Let’s Do This

A new year begins. There are the goals and a little bit of the letdown from the frenetic holiday season. Over the coming year, there will be missed goals and other holidays to take over the craze of this season, birthdays and anniversaries and graduations. It’s all the cycle of life, circle of life for my Lion King fans.

This year I have plans as I always do. I’m sure you do too, as well – for my grammar Nazis. We’ll see how it all comes to pass. With age has come complacency, calm. I can’t say I don’t get those twitchy, nervous needs to make things happen, to push at unsustainable speeds towards these goals and wishes. I can say when I have to postpone or flat out admit defeat it’s not so defeating anymore. I’m ok with it, as ok as I’ve ever been.

There’s a lot of truth in the fact that just being alive is a gift. Knowing that tomorrow I can wake up healthy and in reasonably comfortable realities to try make goals happen. Having grown up spending half my time in a country where much of the population can’t say that, where they live at a level of poverty that is unfathomable for anyone in this country, I’ve come to appreciate this luxury, this ease.

So I’ll meet you on the 2nd where we all begin the race to a better us, however that looks.

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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