That’s the title of my new WIP. I play piano and at one time I was pretty good. I didn’t pursue it unfortunately. I always enjoyed playing Chopin’s Impromptus. They were fun, sometimes offhand pieces, that came together in an unexpected way. That was what I was shooting for with my WIP and I may have accomplished that, almost too perfectly.

What was supposed to have been a Regency has turned into a historical romp with unexpected elements while still trying to remain true to the traditional genre. I’m a weird writer in case you’re new to me, really weird. Like everything else I do. But I don’t apologize for weird anymore. Once I finally got comfortable with it I realized it was one of the few things about me that resonates with the world. And sometimes makes my writing magical.

Every time I start a new romance I’m determined to follow the trope more closely put out what the audience wants. And let me say I have no problem with that. I love me some romance as well as every other genre out there. I’m no book snob. It’s just that every time I start to write in the formula I start breaking things. I may need to come up with my own formula or maybe I just need to write the thing that’s so good nobody cares that I broke the formula.

We’ll see, but I know this much, I’ll keep writing until I figure this out.

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